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Annual Budget Builder

Annual Budget Builder provides to the budgeting process Consistency, Control and very high Speed
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20 January 2015

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This is a budget builder tool.

Annual budget builder helps manage annual budgets for not only at personal level but also for businesses. Managing business at top or middle management positions require, several important skills like planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling resources. Efficient managers rely on efficient tools for understanding data and facts. His actions will depend on the ability to monitor them, to predict and influence their future evolution. Annual Budget Builder is a fast, accurate and easy to use budgeting tool that help managers plan expenses and resources for the year. He is then able to monitor if the plan is working well or not through the year. This tool helps take the usual issues into account when creating a budget. Factors such as drivers, trends, fixed and variable components, and unusual component, etc. can be taken into account.

Drivers are items that drive how another factor may be changing. Usually an amount proportional to the driver allocation is considered for the driven item. Trend is a set of user defined factors. The numbers indicated by these factors are considered to determine the allocation of the driven item. Fixed components are those that remain fixed over the budget period while the variable components are driven by /are proportional to a driver or a specific trend. Unusual components are those components that have no specific periodicity or ant link to other expenses. The data manipulations are done on spread-sheet like tables. Users should feel very comfortable with the way the tool manipulates data. This is done by taking into consideration of previous year’s amounts. Annual amounts are distributed into monthly splits. This is a very good tool.

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Watch videos on product page from managing-smart website.
Annual Budget Builder provides to the budgeting process Consistency, Control and very high Speed. It manages complex algorithms with a simple, very user friendly interface. No installation needed, just download and launch the application (Excel 2010 or 2013, 32 bit - Windows must exist on the computer).
Let's take a look:
Calculate the total annual amount of a budget item and its monthly split according to: previous year figure, a Driver and Fixed, Variable and Unusual components. Calculate multiple budget items at once, according to user - defined presets (10 annual presets and 10 monthly presets, all independent). The complexity of the presets is set by the user. Spread the monthly evolution of a budget item along a user defined Trend. Visual fine-tuning of the annual evolution curve. Preview of the monthly evolution curve before posting.
More than a simplistic multiplying exercise, the product manages internally complex algorithms that link together the Fixed, Variable and Unusual components of the budget items and the Drivers or the Trends that drive their behavior. The Budgeting activity is transformed from a long, boring and empirical calculation into a fast, consistent and logical exercise. No installation or special training needed. Each calculation method is presented on separate pages, with specific Help file that can be accessed during processing. Pop-up windows guide the user during the whole process and errors handlers prevent against inconsistent data entries. Data check procedures and export procedure to normal excel file for back-up are available.
Annual Budget Builder
Annual Budget Builder
Version 2.4
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